Happy Samoa Language Week - Vaiaso o le Gagana Samoa

May 26, 2024

Sunday 26th May - Saturday 1st June 2024

Embracing a culture's language is a means to strengthening its cultural identity, preserving its heritage and building a sense of belonging.
The ongoing mission is the collective preservation of the Samoa language and identity for Samoan children into the future.

The 2024 theme for Samoa Language Week is 'Tautua i le alofa, manuia le lumana’i – Serve in love for a blessed future'.

This year’s theme was prepared by SAASIA – The Association of Aoga Amata (Samoan early childhood centres). It focuses on tautua (service) and aims to clearly express the significance of service that is founded on love – “Love is the driving force of service. No matter what service looks like or who is doing it, service is accomplished through the power of love".
SAASIA further elaborates on this theme, affirming that maintaining the Samoan language is also achieved through service - through the Samoan values of alofa (love), fa’aaloalo (respect), and especially in the vā fealoa’i (respectful relationships) that guide and protect Samoan people. Service begins in the family and continues in schools, villages, churches, communities, and wherever Samoan people are.
You can find a calendar of events and resources for Samoa Language Week on the Ministry for Pacific Peoples website: Ministry for Pacific Peoples — Vaiaso o le Gagana Samoa - Samoa Language Week (mpp.govt.nz)
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