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Equity Matters (EM) is a specialist equity, inclusion, diversity and wellbeing consultancy. We are able to draw on extensive international and domestic in-house experience and expertise. We passionately believe in our mahi (work) and our ability to partner with and support you to enjoy the business, people and societal benefits of being a genuinely equity, inclusion and diversity, and bicultural, sensitive and engaged organisation.

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Our Expertise - Equity, Inclusion, Diversity and Wellbeing

Procurement and Contracting

EM can work with you to increase the diversity within your supply chain, for example:
Working with you to raise your contractors' awareness of equity, inclusion and diversity.

Learning & Development

EM can provide a broad range of bespoke specialist training solutions including mentoring and coaching, for example:
Specialist bespoke leadership programme.

Business as Usual

EM can work with you to embed equality, inclusion and diversity throughout all your business operations, for example:
Gender and ethnicity pay gap reduction.

Employee Group & Networks

EM can work with you to set up and support employee affinity diversity groups, for example:
Helping to invigorate established networks.

Leadership Teams

EM will support you to upskill your leadership teams & Boards, and facilitate strategy development
away-days, for example:
Immersive cultural leadership development.

Business Development

EM can work with you to help you diversify your customer or service user profile, for example:
Respectfully and sensitively communicating with persons of diverse backgrounds and cultures.

Corporate Social Responsibility & Stakeholder Engagement

EM can work with you to enable you to embed equity, inclusion and diversity more effectively within your brand and public relations, for example:
Implementing an inclusive marketing strategy

Recruitment, Retention and Employee Relations

EM will work with you to embed equity, inclusion and diversity more effectively within your recruitment and employee life cycle processes, for example:
Attracting and retaining non-traditional candidates/employees

Strategy, Policy Development and Organisation Change

EM will partner with you to develop specialist equity, inclusion, diversity, culture and organisation change policies, strategies and action plans focused on, for example:
Creating great inclusive workplaces, engaged employees and culturally aware organisations.

Events & Activities

EM can work with you to design or codesign whole organisation training, team bonding/development, for example:
Executive strategy development experiences.

Our Team

We have a highly dedicated and professional team of experts who fully understand the importance of great customer service and the work we do with our clients. We are also able to draw on an extensive range of equity, inclusion and diversity specialists to supplement our in-house experience and expertise.




Client Relationship Manager


International Equity Adviser

“Success is liking yourself, liking what you do, and liking how you do it.”
– Maya Angelou

Our Approach

People are the heart of your business and organisation. As EID and organisation culture change specialists we will partner with you to develop and embed unique EID best practice solutions that meet your specific requirements, which:

  • Delivers great value to your organisation
  • Enhances staff interconnectedness, engagement and wellbeing
  • Encourages diverse customer satisfaction
  • Affirms your organisation's practical commitment to biculturalism and tangata whenua "people of the land"