Employee wellbeing is a priority

April 11, 2024

National HR Summit NZ on 10th April in Auckland focussed on employee wellbeing in two out of the seven workshops/panels

Two out of the seven workshops/panels at the conference concentrated on employee wellbeing, showing how paramount it is to all aspects of your business, particularly employee retention and performance.

In the morning, there was a presentation from Gerard Hoffman (Counsellor, Registered Clinical Social Worker, Facilitator, Organisational Wellbeing Consultant, Trainer) on “Psychological safety and positive workplace culture; the other side of workplace wellbeing”. Workplace culture has a crucial role in staff engagement and organisational performance. Research on psychological safety, bullying and harassment prevention provides strong evidence that organisation-wide education and empowerment programmes can significantly impact staff wellbeing, retention and workplace collaboration. His key points covered were:

  • Why positive organisational culture and psychological safety matters
  • What a strategic top-down approach to improving workplace culture looks like
  • Evidence-based workplace engagement, education and empowerment programmes that shift culture

Later in the day, delegates attended a panel discussion, with key HR leaders from top NZ companies, on “Effective wellbeing strategies for building resilient teams”. With burnout and stress continuing to affect many teams and managers, successful wellbeing initiatives are a key preventative measure and demonstrate a proactive approach. A number of strategies were shared, including:

  • Tips for navigating managerial burnout
  • How to create a psychologically safe workplace
  • Addressing and managing psychosocial risks at work
  • How to avoid ‘wellbeing washing’
  • Identifying metrics to measure and track wellbeing

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